Ice Live Business Forum


Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre is going to be shaken up in 30.- 31. January 2014, as the Iron Maiden frontman, investor and CEO Bruce Dickinson, together with six other leading business developers, is coming to a business event first of its kind in Finland.

The exciting program in Ice Live Business Forum consists of world’s top business developers, successful entrepreneurs and CEOs in addition to innovators bursting with new insights. The experience is completed by breathtaking visual effects and excellent networking opportunities. Themes for the year 2014 are:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Leadership
  • Innovation and creativity

The event is host to international trainers Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden frontman, investor and CEO), world’s leading sales coach Brian Tracy, Clayton Christensen (Expert in business and innovation, ranked 1st in Thinker’s 50), America’s greatest marketer Seth Godin and world’s top 7 leadership guru Robin Sharma. Innovation and leadership experts Frans Johansson and Scott Belsky will also be performing. The Finnish speakers come from different fields of business and represent the premier league of Finnish business.

Ice Business Forum is the best place to update your knowledge and skills in the key areas of business development. World’s premier business gurus are there to guide you. Ice Live is also a meeting place for Finnish business life, the best place to network and to meet international guests.